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Brock always knew he’d return to the family owned Dixon Ranch to retire once his career of training riders for horse racing was over.  He didn’t plan to be falsely accused of horse doping or being forced out of his lucrative profession after only an eight-year stint, though.  All over a beautiful woman who looked like an angel but was the devil in disguise.  Throwing himself back into training and breeding thoroughbreds, he vowed to save his family’s reputation and return to his former life with his head held high.  Until she came along.


Dana knew her twin sister had issues, but keeping a child from his father?  Even knowing that she was married to another man, it seemed heartless and cruel. Still, she didn’t deserve to lose her life over it.  Keeping her nephew safe was her only concern now.  Putting her life on hold she heads down to Texas to find Jeremy’s real father.  Would he even want a kid he’d never been told about?


Cowboy Sanctuary is a sweet and sexy romance, that will leave your heart melting, and your soul craving a cowboy of your own.  Remember.  There’s no safer place than in the arms of cowboy.



Cowboy Sanctuary
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